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Sagar Institute of Research & Technology Set the Seminar No. 186 of DAuto At Its Venue

BHOPAL: 10th October 2017 - The seminar organized about the product development for mechanical branch student in Sagar Institute of Research & Technology (SIRT). Many students occupied the seminar hall along with its faculty members during the seminar of DAuto.


The seminar delivered the knowledge about using concurrent engineering product development and design in manufacturability from the beginning and how this will intensely reduce the real time-to-market by ensuring the product works and removing late changes to make the design manufacturable and ramp up to the target volume, productivity, and quality.


In research and development, a company conceptualizes completely new products. The research part occurs when a company's research and development team tests the feasibility of a potential product by coming up with completely new science. This is the act of discovering entirely new science that can be used to create new products. The development portion comes after the research and is the act of turning the discovered science into a useful product that the company can market and sell.

Companies invest in research and development when their product lines become outdated or competitors come out with similar or superior products. Research and development is vital for the sustained growth and success of a company.

On the other hand, product development is the complete process of researching, designing, creating, marketing and selling new products. Research and development is essentially the first step in developing a new product, but product development in not solely research and development. It is the complete product life cycle, from conception to sale.

Product development is also not exclusive to designing, implementing and selling new products. Existing products can go through product development to renovation old features or add new features so the product sells better or adds greater value to consumers. Any time a new product is created and sold – or any time an existing product has added features and is resold – it is going through product development.


The concept well defined by the DAuto’s experts to the students with the help of physical components, prototypes and its CAD, analysis and realistic problems to solve. The students enjoyed the seminar thoroughly and given their remarks at the end of the event. Some of them are;


After attending this seminar or should I say discussion session I become much more aware about my chosen engineering field great host they entertained all of us as well as provide us with some useful information about my branch. Mudit Mathur (2nd Year ME)


The seminar was good we are thankful for that knowledge which sir share with us. I am interested doing the software practice and want to do something good in field of design. Piyush Raj (2nd Year ME)


Seminar was awesome this seminar helps us to improve our knowledge about designing. Amit kumar (2nd Year ME)


This seminar is very important and useful for me and this seminar give a knowledge for software and it is so useful thank you. Rishikesh Soni (2nd Year ME)


Nice information given by sir some new information gained about the designing and industries. Gaurav Singh Baghel


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