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All Saints College Of Technology Organized DAuto Expert Lecture No.193 At Its Venue

BHOPAL- 29-09-2018: All saints college of Technology, Bhopal placed an Expert Lecture of DAuto in college campus to facilitate its engineering students with the experience of industry experts, industrial needs for getting the jobs, opportunities in various sectors and latest demands of various sectors from the engineering youth.  The topic chosen for the Lecture was design for manufacturing and construction. The students shown their interest in knowing the various aspects of Lecture’s topics. While the engineering students focused on being creative and manifesting in a reality of product possibilities, DAuto experts spoke on different perspectives for pursuing engineering and its benefits.

The students were introduced with the integrity of the concurrent engineering and CAD/CAM/CAE concept and its application on Industrial level. The orientation of the seminar had also involved the significance of CAD & CAE application software in Product Life cycle Management and Concurrent Engineering for the Product Development. The automotive projects of DAuto were also exposed to the students for the explicit understanding of significant industrial oriented designing steps for the product development.

Today, the concept of Product development has covered a broad aspect for designing a product, implementing and introduction of it to market. The advent of this concept had made it possible to renovate the product and with the optimize addition of improved and requires quality as per the customers need. Before making the existence of product possible, the Product life cycle of the product is defined on first step. The cycle involves the design of virtual model, prototype development and analysis on working environment of the product and also the value of product in market on the basis of its quality. 

The students have queried their concepts and have shown keen interest due to vivid presentation by the DAuto experts. The students have also shared their opinions and interest through comments -
I have got valuable knowledge about Product development through this seminar. I had learnt about product life cycle but now I have got practical knowledge about various design steps in product development. – Pradeep Kumar (2nd Year M.E).
The explanation about designing and manufacturing by sir was very influencive. Also he had given important lecture about how R & D based industry work which is very useful for me to know – Faheem Alam (2nd year M.E.)
Throughout the seminar, the expert had maintained interaction with us by asking our doubts and also asked some questions related to our semester subject. – Wasim Akram, 2nd year

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