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DAuto Seminar No. 188 In Radharaman Engineering College Bhopal

BHOPAL- 05-02-2018: A seminar was organized by Radharaman Engineering College, Bhopal in college campus here on Thursday. The topic chosen for the seminar was design for manufacturing and construction. The team of key presenters were from one of the renowned engineering industries i.e. DAuto. While the engineering students focused on being creative and manifesting in a reality of product possibilities, DAuto experts spoke on different perspectives for pursuing engineering and its benefits.


The seminar delivered the knowledge about using concurrent engineering product development, and design in manufacturability and construction from the beginning and how this will intensely reduce the real time-to-market by ensuring the product works and removing late changes to make the design manufacturable , constructed and ramp up to the target volume, productivity, end result and quality.


Product development is also not exclusive to designing, implementing and selling new products. Existing products can go through product development to renovation old features or add new features so the product sells better or adds greater value to consumers. Any time a new product is created and sold – or any time an existing product has added features and is resold – it is going through product development.  The seminar displayed an entire cycle of a product and the project plans to be developed.


For the civil students, it was great to see the construction process from starting to end by putting the necessary requirements.


The concept well defined by the DAuto’s experts to the students with the help of physical components, prototypes and its CAD, analysis and realistic problems to solve. The students enjoyed the seminar thoroughly and given their remarks at the end of the event. Some of them are;


I was attend this seminar this is very effective seminar for me and it increas my knowledge for cad & cam .and also give me good ideas and experience so thank you for this seminar. Farhan Khan (2nd Year CE)

Everything is good and in fact this seminar motive us for do creative work in our field. Vikash Kumar (2nd Year CE)


I enjoyed this seminar and as I wanted to learn designed from my school times. i think this is a great opportunity. The explanation to facts was impressive. Utkarsh Raj (2nd Year CE)
Dauto cad engineering is very good to learn softwares. Many softwares we can learn very good seminar was hosted in REC college. the way of teachers and motivating was very good. Some more experience must be shared. Shah Faisal (2nd Year ME)
I like the workshop given by the Dauto .the designing of the cycle is impressive and the seminar was actually good. Md Suhail Khan (2nd Year ME)
I did enjoy and in this we learned more knowledge in own college seminar and I really thanks to you interact for autocad cad etc and last I really thanks for coming in my college. Punit Kumar (2nd Year ME)


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