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Indira Gandhi Engineering College Sagar Places the Seminar No. 180 of DAuto

SAGAR: 20-04-2017:  The Indira Gandhi Engineering College, Sagar MP makes its engineering students benefited and available the chances for grabbing the knowledge of “design and development for manufacturing and construction”. The seminar was delivered by the DAuto team along with its guidance, knowledge, and experience.

Design is the basic need of the engineer; it differentiates engineering from science and mathematics, it is a combination of creativity and technical discipline; it involves imagination, struggle and compromise. New technologies such as computer aided design have positioned the design activity back on center-stage within the engineering profession. However, there is much more to engineering design than technology, and it reaches far beyond the profession; it is a socially oriented activity.

The seminar was on engineering needs, concepts, industry demand, abilities and the basic principles of engineering, problem solving and design. Short lessons on interesting topics added to the project based experience. While at IGEC, students also had opportunities to see many prototypes, CAD models, physical components and the product life cycle.

Students were enthusiast to hold the physical parts along with understanding the need of design. Some of their reviews are displayed below here;


Seminar was effective, got various things to learn and seen various new inventions, and got to know about various MNC’s and also get information about designs and concepts. For this I must thanks to DAuto.- Amit Kurekar (1st Year ME)


Seminar was effective  it generate my interest towards designing and the projects which you shown was fabulous and I learn so many new thing from all of you. for this I must thanks DAuto.- Aman Shukla (1st Year ME)


I like the seminar. The way of design and projects shown in the seminar was very knowledgeable. In this I come to know how the process go through in production and manufacturing. I like the way they express their ideas and experience.- Pooja Kaushal (1st Year ME)


This is the best seminar and also interactive for the field of designing, information provided by DAuto was so important by which we are able to select out bright future in the field of designing. - Ashish Kumar Kushwaha  ( 2nd Year ME)















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