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News Letter Edition No. 75 Launched by DAuto

DAuto Newsletter Section contains reports from all around the world, gathered everything in an efficient, simple and robust structure of latest and surround technology. Learn about Automotive comprehensively on DAuto Newsletter Edition # 75 November 2015

You can find more interesting features and fun about technology. This section offers detailed and accurate knowledge about past, present and future events and update on engineering terminologies. The Premium Features Covered Under this Edition are...

  • Volvo unveils Concept 26 interior design study
  • Hyundai previews G90 flagship for its new Genesis premium brand
  • Fiat unveils MX-5-based 124 Spider
  • Renault Coupé Corbusier Concept
  • Former Mazda designer builds his own supercar
  • Yamaha Sports Ride Concept debuts Gordon Murray’s iStream Carbon platform
  • W Motors Fenyr SuperSport
  • Walter de Silva retires from VW Group
  • Students' Corner


Here you Go...  News Letter Edition November 2015

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