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RKDF Institute of Science and Technology places the Seminar No. 181 of DAuto

BHOPAL: 22-04-2017:  The RKDF Institute of Science and Technology, Bhopal, MP invites DAuto team for sharing its industry experience, knowledge and guidance with the engineering students. The seminar took place on the topic of  “design for manufacturing and construction “. The students of RKDF attended and solved their queries regarding the same.

Design is the basic need of the engineer; it differentiates engineering from science and mathematics, it is a combination of creativity and technical discipline; it involves imagination, struggle and compromise. New technologies such as computer aided design have positioned the design activity back on center-stage within the engineering profession. However, there is much more to engineering design than technology, and it reaches far beyond the profession; it is a socially oriented activity.

The seminar was on engineering needs, concepts, industry demand, abilities and the basic principles of engineering, problem solving and design. Short lessons on interesting topics added to the project based experience. While at RKDF, students also had opportunities to see many prototypes, Civil plans and its need, CAD models, physical components and the product life cycle.

Students were enthusiast to hold the physical parts along with understanding the need of design. Some of their reviews are displayed below here;


Seminar was interesting I gain a lot of knowledge and learn lot of new thi9ngs. I also come to know about design techniques use in Civil engineering. - HIMANSHU KUMAR CHOUDHARY (3rd Year ME)


I get so much knowledge about machine and design. I also, get familiar with different terminology of cars and designs concepts. - SAURAV KUMAR (1st Year ME)


Today, I had a seminar with DAUTO ENGG. PVT. LTD. And I completely convinced and enlighten with this seminar. It tells us many new things that can be designed through design software’s. It gives us the thinking about the designs and can think more to design easily. - AFROZ ALAM (2nd Year ME)
















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