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An authorized training center of Dassault Systemes and DAuto Engineering Pvt. Ltd. where we provide Professional Training to candidates who aspire to build a career in designing. DAuto have always been complimented about its high quality training by its students which comprises of engineering students, working professionals and other candidates who are interested in designing. Todays hottest designing tools like CATIA, UniGraphics, and AutoCAD help students to get placed in various industries.


A training course in DAuto CAD School encompasses a number of benefits and facilities to meet the needs of trainees, professionals or learners. These may include:

classroom-sitting-arrangement computer-workstation-for-catia-dauto
Rooms are well-appointed with computer workstations and Intranet access for each student. Trainees will be able to listen their trainers clearly and vice versa. Noise free surroundings, appropriate audibility in classrooms, sitting arrangement and space ensures for good attention towards learning. The arrangement of tables and chairs, the pleasant appearance, bulletin boards and the accommodation of materials settles good working space.
Faculties are the experts of the research, design and development field. You will be getting the industry experience from them. Committed management ads a star for its services and facilities for students in an organized form.


live-projects-and-cad-operation-dauto practical-and-effective-cad-design-dauto
Training in DAuto prepares individuals and groups to adapt, learn, and succeed in highly challenging operational environments. This training organization offers a range of practical and effective design and development programs. In order to that we provide live projects to the students. This facility gives opportunity to the students to face the real life corporate challenges of design field. This experience route towards high chances of selection in Tube Test of Practical Interview.
Engineering students of ME, CE, EE, AU, IP and many more branches come to DAuto. Because the training in DAuto helps them prepare according to the demand of the current grooming industries. Candidates undergoing post-graduation can also get the required help in thesis and projects in DAuto. We supports in choosing topic and the facing relevant challenges.


career-guideline-and-counseling-dauto career-help-to-engineering-students-dauto
We introduce the students’ native capacities and guide them in the proper canal which confirms not just a sunny career but a happier and wealthy future also. We help students and enquires reach their Career Objectives by Correct and liberal suggestions. Candidate also can talk to those people who are happy after following our recommendations and remove their confusion for choosing the appropriate career path. Candidates find our facilities as the correct track towards accurate career via the recognized professionals’ guideline and counselling that too free of cost.
Many of our students have been placed in Multi-National Companies making us proud and have thanked us for the help and support that we provided to them during their training in DAuto. Although we don’t promise to give placement but prepare them as per the demand of latest scenario which permits the chances of getting selected in the Interview.


cad-course-certificates-dauto cad-course-dvd-dauto
Course Certificates that our Trainees receive on completion of course carries value and can be used during their job search as each certificate have an unique registered number can be tracked for future reference at the company. Course DVD was launched on 11th Nov. 2012 is the most important asset for the DAuto trainees. DVD have video tutorials for learning software and have worth of $90 but we provide it free of cost to the professional students at DAuto..
Workshop means to view prototype and all phases of product cycle. DAuto organizes workshops time-to-time at its all premises. There is no charge for attending and clearing the doubts regarding. Many of people drops their request for joining the Workshop as they get the silver chance for knowing the details of industry projects with physical components.



student-design-on-catia-unigraphics-dauto student-design-analysis-on-catia-dauto
Making a design is not a big deal but designing as per the customer and consumer need is the challenge. We enable our students to create design and analyse the faults. Trainers encourages creativity in the classroom. They give the students a lot of choice and different options when it comes to assignments, research, design, development and projects. Over the guidance of our design experts, students understand that there is numerous paths that lead to understanding. They look for experiment with new things and ideas. Our every professional student is capable to develop a design project and appreciable output of thinking.
It is part of our enduring goal to boost the organization’s pledge to creating a learning and work environment that inspires positive outcomes for all trainees. We showcase students’ creativity in various way such as; through News Letter online and offline, News Paper and DAuto magazines, Success functions occasionally with Rewards, Social Media like FB etc.


We implement the security measures for the safeguard of facility occupants and assets. Every student have a unique ID and access process. Company have CCTV in every premises to avoid hazardous situation.

Medical aid is provided on the Company. Doctors are available to take care of general and specific infirmities. Students can take the free prescription if needed. We understand the health measures hence there are many parameters are set for maintaining the hygiene.

DAuto CAD School is ISO 9001:2008 and Accredited by the DAuto Engineering Private Limited company registered under the Government applicable law which contain the proper validity and intended to be the preferred resource for engineering software training.

At DAuto, students belong to various part of country and overseas. They interact each other and learn many things together. It is also called a hub of talent where trainees share their knowledge and chill out through sports (Cricket) or outing. This enable their network strongs.