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DAuto leads in the Product design and development, with a record of technological firsts.Drawing on the best talent, we create innovative products that anticipate market needs. Our engineers are driven by a pioneering spirit and a passion for design & development.


For Technical Experienced Asset's
In engineering, research & development, managerial in various sectors (Automotive/Power/General) will need more talent for innovative and creative development in every phase, which must be greener, cleaner, quieter and smarter than ever before. That's why DAuto needs the best team in this area to help design, build and support; ultimately, make it possible in real world to help communities. Currently we are looking for a number of highly talented, experienced engineering professionals; but we are looking for more than just technical know-how. We want people with an international mindset, excellent project management skills and the ability to think 'lean'. Under this category all experienced candidate who had been working in the field of product design and development on CATIA-V5 / UNI GRAPHICS-NX, ANSYS, CAD/CAE can apply. You have knowledge of mechanical structural principles, systems installations, technical standards and strength of material. You should also have experience with IT tools such as office automation and 3D CAD/CAE. Your background is in general engineering with a specialization in Mechanical/Automotive/Electrical. Apply here

Graduates/Post-Graduates (Progress)
Under this section Candidates who is currently pursuing the Bachelor Degree in Final can apply for the respective department. As for Engineering BE/B.Tech./ME/M.Tech in Mechanical/Automobile/IP/Electrical/Civil.

For Management areas like Administration, HR, Marketing, Finance, Support BA/B.Sc./B.Com/MBA or equivalent for Management functions in different departments. Apply here

Internships/Apprenticeships At DAuto we see the value of being able to offer students an insight into the working world of design & development. It allows them to apply what they learn in the classroom as well as develop practical skills such as communication, project management and international team working. These opportunities to bridge the gap between theory and practice early in a student's career advance their personal development and mean they are better placed to compete for qualified positions. There are essentially two options: Internships/Apprenticeships.

Internships : We offer internships in India. There are options to work in disciplines such as engineering, design, HR, finance, IT and communications. DAuto also supports final year students who are working towards their Bachelor or Master's thesis. We offer challenging projects tackling real problems, thereby increasing technical, methodological and social skills. These usually last five to six months and students can apply in the same way as a regular internship. Apply here

Apprenticeships: Successful applicants can access one of DAuto' paid apprenticeships, combining theoretical study with extensive on-the-job training. This is an opportunity to gain invaluable experience with one of the world's most prestigious Engineering Services companies, with the best performers going on to secure permanent posts within DAuto in near future. Apply here