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DAuto offers engineering, Design, Research and Development (R&D) services to address the challenges of the Clients with the latest infrastructure, technology and techniques. DAuto provides satisfying solutions to meet budget and schedule necessities.Some of the areas are listed below which DAuto dealt and completed the projects with predefined outcomes. An experts' team, working atmosphere, time management, proper resources enable us to go ahead and improve every day.

Automotive Our engineers go on to helping OEMs and automotive suppliers meet increasing demands for robust, lighter materials, better safety, lower fuel emanations, higher productivity, and brought down costs through the insight of manufacturing technology innovation.
Consumer Goods
DAuto works with many mid- to large-size industrial manufacturers and merchants representing a wide range of market sectors including consumer goods.
Mechanical Design
We offer a varied range of mechanical engineering design services including developing a new product from zero to final shape, re-engineering, reverse engineering, modification and improvements etc.
DAuto provides analysis services for various construction related projects, including various facilities.
DAuto has extensive experience in the delivery of new and replacement old theme with new concepts and modernization.
Public-Private Partnerships
DAuto has used advanced approaches associated with public-private partnerships to design and build major civil projects.